Get Interplanetary Wins With ‘It Came from Venus’

Aliens and farmers. Lord knows why our extra-terrestrial cousins favor this particular demographic, but they seem to. And hey, if it means you win some money, more power to them. It Came from Venus slot is a 3D slot featuring an alien plant in the Little Shop of Horrors mold – essentially a giant Venus flytrap with teeth. Happily it brings with it a progressive jackpot currently standing at $19,000, which can be won from a mere $3 bet, so it’s worth risking an encounter.

Placing a Bet

There are three things you need to toggle to set your bet. These are:

Choose Coin – You need to choose between $0.01 and $0.02.


An Introduction to Ripple and XRP

XRP is the Marmite of cryptocurrency – some love it, some hate it – but, what is the XRP token all about, and why is it so divisive? We look into the premise and ambitions of Ripple and their XRP token and see why it has attracted plaudits, huge partners, lawsuits, and vitriol.

Ripple’s Origins

Ripple Labs began its life in 2004 when Ryan Fugger developed RipplePay, a decentralized monetary system that empowered individuals and communities to create and work with their own money. In 2012, Fugger sold the platform to Jed McCaleb and Chris Larsen, who had developed a similar idea independently. RipplePay became OpenCoin, which began development of the Ripple protocol (RTXP) and the Ripple payment and exchange network.


Relex Project Labelled Scam

The Relex project, which claims to be the world’s first real estate development cryptocurrency, has been labelled a scam by a Reddit user in a detailed post that accuses the Relex team of lying to investors, deflecting criticism and committing insider trading. In the critical post, which includes links to supposedly incriminating documents, the user, CrystalPinecone, is particularly critical of the former CMO, who he accuses of price manipulation and falsely influencing community sentiment.


These Cat Themed Slots are Simply Purrr-fect!

What better way to end the day than cuddled up with your furry friends and some great slot action? Sorry dog people, the cat’s got the cream and is purring away.

If you love cats, then you are absolutely going to love these cat-themed slots. Cover your lap with a soft blanket, watch the cats climb on, and get ready to purr away – as these slots are nothing short of being the cat’s meow!

Cats Gone Wild Slot – Spinomenal

Cats Gone Wild Slot is an epic disco party that feature cats here, there, and everywhere. Featuring plenty of flash and pizzaz, it’s safe to say that this is one online slot that won’t fail to catch your eye.


Cryptojacking Scripts are December 2018’s “Most Wanted” Malware

Cryptojacking has become a global epidemic, and in a recent report released by Check Point® Software Technologies Ltd. – an Israeli cybersecurity firm – cryptojacking scripts occupy the top three spots in December 2018’s most wanted malware list. The most wanted malware list is comprised of the most dangerous and evil malware. Since crypto became mainstream in 2017, cryptojacking scripts have dominated the charts. It will come as no surprise that cryptojacking attacks are up 400% in a year, a worrying trend that needs to be curbed.


Denmark Going After Crypto Traders Who Failed to Pay Taxes

The Danish government has published a statement announcing that it will be soon launching a tax regime for crypto trading – meaning crypto activity in Denmark is about to get its own tax bracket. It’s estimated that Denmark lost out on more than $15 million in taxes in the period between 2015 and 2017. This is being put down to Danes using Finnish crypto exchanges and not declaring the correct amount of tax payable.

Danish Crypto Tax Currently Extortionate

In Denmark, crypto traders are currently declaring their crypto tax at the same rate as their income, meaning they could lose up to a whopping 53% to the tax man. This has left many crypto traders being rather cautious over how much crypto tax they are declaring to authorities.

Player's Choice Award - BitStarz Casino

BitStarz Wins Player’s Choice Award at AskGamblers Awards 2019

BitStarz Casino is in the headlines once again, as we’ve won the prestigious Player’s Choice Award at the AskGamblers Awards 2019. AskGamblers is renowned for being the go-to site for gamblers, showing that the players really know what they want and they didn’t hold back on voting us to win the award every casino wants to win. In 2018 we walked away from the AskGamblers Awards with the Best Casino award, inspiring us to dig deeper and take our game to the next level. This award highlights the hard work and dedication we put in throughout the year to give the most important people – you, our valued players – exactly what you wanted.

Another Day, Another Award Win

We couldn’t have won this prestigious award without the help, devotion, and love of you – our loyal players.


Three Reasons Why Auditing Your Gambling is a Great Move

Many gamblers get into the habit of betting without managing their resources. They bet today, win some or lose some, and never really know whether they are earning profits or breaking the bank. If this sounds like you, creating an auditing system is one way to help you manage your money, and subsequently make wise decisions about your gambling and gaming activities.

Play Responsibly

If you know where your money is going, then you know the source of any leaks. Keeping a record of your deposits, withdrawals, winnings, and losses is key here. This doesn’t need to be overly complicated, just a pen and paper system will do, but if you know your way round a spreadsheet then it will make things easier, as this will do all your calculations for you. Google Sheets is an example of free spreadsheet software, but there are others.


Trezor and Gray Team up to Launch Luxury Crypto Wallet

Trezor, the crypto hardware wallet maker, has teamed up with mechanical artistry and design company Gray to create a luxury hardware wallet out of aerospace-grade titanium. The wallet, called the Trezor Corazon (Spanish for ‘heart’), comes in three variations – Titanium, Stealth, and Gold – and is, according to Gray, a “daring experiment in mechanical and technological artistry”.

Its looks are taken from the Pimp My Ride school of cryptocurrency wallet design, with the traditional Trezor template being given a metallic makeover and accentuated edges that make it look like something from a contemporary sci-fi film.


Mimblewimble – Get Used to the Name, It’s Coming

Mimblewimble is a word probably recognizable only to fans of the Harry Potter series, being a curse that binds the victim’s tongue. It is also however a blockchain that, some argue, does Bitcoin better than Bitcoin itself. So, what is it about this oddly-named protocol that has such game-changing capabilities?

Next Level Encryption

Mimblewimble is a blockchain that offers important improvements and differences over Bitcoin, foremost in the fields of security and privacy. Critical information such as the addresses of the parties involved and the amount of tokens being sent are encrypted through a series of complex mathematical equations, rather than being broadcast in their native form on the blockchain.